God, I think I have a cavity. I am just not taking care of myself in any way, shape or form. I haven’t been to the dentist since before I graduated college–about the same time I had my last gyno appointment. God, I gotta get it together.

So update on the eharm crush…it is a crush definitely. We’re hanging out this saturday. I’m excited…i’m trying not to get my hopes up so that things can just go well….ahhhhh….okay sorry.

My school has a fairly large homophobic, racist faculty population. I am blown away. Okay, so not a large part of the faculty but this is the fucking 21st century ass holes. One teacher actually tried to justify why he could be homophobic because he was Christian. Um….Then another teacher, who is known as the christian 40 year old virgin, shot him down with the news that his intolerance is not apart of God’s law. Yeah. this all happened in our student cafeteria in a facutly meeting.

I hate how the second I leave school I forget everything…I have no idea what I am supposed to do at night.


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