An officer and a Gentleman


So today has been good. Talked to a certain someone and had suspicions and conclusions confirmed. Its funny to have a feeling and to have that feeling validated by others. I ended the conversation acknowledging that sometimes people are just left as shells of human beings and that certain things happen that impede my own needs and desires–and therefore now have to be put off indefinitely. Fuck. Its like how Mags acknowledged my standing crushthat would have maybe developed or not if nature hadn’t taken its course and certain people hadn’t gotten involved and disrupted my flow of natural passivity. Sigh…workplace crush told me that I looked hot in my red jacketl. He was like “Wow, that’s hot.” I swooned. I think I even chased after him a bit…I was like “Bean, wait up,” and ran up to him. He’s cool.

i will work out tonight…i will i will.


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