So….wow. I had the best first date. We met at the race track and hung out talking until the race track closed and then went to dinner in Pasadena. He’s such a cute guy who is funny, and smart, and is way into very cool things like music and politics. He’s tall, white, with strawberry blonde hair, and this great sheepish smile. He was just very cool, and I’m scared that I am way to cool about this because if it goes down hill from here I will be let down. I was really nervous that we wouldn’t have anything to talk about and that there would be mad silence…but it was cool, very relaxing. I took him to this great Indian restuarant in Pasadena, and we split the bill –I felt more comfortable that way, I told him it was so he wouldn’t feel obligated to have sex with me later. He laughed. I’d told him earlier in the day how I was afraid of hieghts, and as we were walking back to our cars he told me about how he’d climbed this very tall pine tree as a child and that his dad had to climb up and get him down. And we’re kinda joking around about that, and suddenly we’re quiet because we’ve stopped in front of his car, and suddenly we’re standing closer to each other. We both said how we’d had the best time, and that we’re going to do this again soon (we want to show each other a foreign film of interest) and the energy suddenly changed and i wanted to kiss him, or i felt the need that I could kiss him. I didn’t kiss him. I smiled and sheepishly said “I’m going to hug you now” and I hugged him. i’d called sam earlier in the day to ask if I should hug him or shake his hand when I meet him; I hugged him…so I got two hugs. And I’m warm. i told him i had a good time and that we should do it again. That was an okay thing to do.
Then i spent the rest of tonight doing damage control in order to a) make my friend feel better and b) get back the extra house key. I hope that everything goes better.


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  1. Oh. My. God.

    It sounds like a great time!! And you are so cute how you hugged him.

    Wow. I am so excited for you.

    So what film are you going to show him??

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