I’ve been working at the palace, all the live long day…


Goodness, so its PDT day and I’m sitting in this meeting in a library that usually holds only 15 teachers on these tuesdays and I’m pretty sure i can do this activity with my eyes shut. And my hands tied around my back. I’ve spent too much time at PDs on how to differentiate for my classroom led by people who don’t teach my students. Bring it…shit.. hold on. this is such cap that we’re talking about visual and auditory memore, but are recieving this assigment without the use of visual aides to deliver instruction.

I really gotta spend more time with mags. the franklin crew is filled with misery. i wish i could help, but i really can’t, and all i want to do is be silly and think about my eharm crush. i feel bad for them.

i hate pdt.


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