Did I ever tell you about Erik? Wow…Erik is the greatest love of my life. Not romantic love, but compassion love. He’s a friend from home. We went to college together. He majored in Business and is the most amazing person. He’s business minded but socially sound. He came to the OC for a business training and called me up the day he got into town. I went to visit him last night and ended up meeting his work buddies and staying in his hotel room (two queen beds, i got one for myself). Erik is amazing. He has the most beautiful heart and beautiful mind. We graduated the same year, and I moved to LA while he stayed in Seattle and got a job with Coke. Erik’s dream in college was to buy property, fix it up and rent it out, you know make money hand over fist. Two years later, he owns two properties. He also used to work at a summer camp every summer. Now he and his girlfriend are trying to start their own outdoors program. He is dating this girl who is like the female version of himself…someone who is incredibly giving and and outdoorsy. They both coach jr. ski racers. She’s perfect for him. He’s the most amazing person. We’re totally different but he’s always been a kick ass friend. We met because I had a crush on his roommate freshman year, and so I would go up there to hangout with his roommate, and Erik would be there and we’d hang out instead. How I didn’t end up making out with this boy is beyond me. Even Brian–who I dated for two years and really loved–was like, you should go on a date with Erik, just test the waters, I don’t mind. Brian had major mental problems…but boy was he right. Hanging out with Erik made me realize how I want to be loved. He was affectionate, and close, honest and caring, but fun. God…I’m so glad he called me. I’m super fucking proud of him.


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