Oh this is the start of something good…don’t you agree?


Wow……its sunday night, and I just had the best first date ever. We got together at four in valencia at the nicest fucking shopping area ever. We had coffee, gooffed around at Target where he put his hand on my back as we were walking and outside of target was moving in for the kiss, and I gave him a hug instead. We ate dinner at the Elephant bar where he held my hand across the table and reminded me of another friend from home. He reminds me of all the good things from Seattle. All the good people who ever cared about me at home and here. He wants to meet all the people who care about me here. He kissed me in front of a sushi restuarant before we went to the movies, and kissed me throughout the movie. And after the movie. And held my hand while we looked at books, and stayed close to me without being smothering. He’s healthy, he doesn’t eat processed foods and enjoys cooking. He kissed me good night for the longest time and said that he is coming to visit me on Tuesday when he buys his new car in Glendale. Its been sometime since I’ve been kissed like that. We were outside and I said to him that I think that he’s the only one I want to kiss…and he said ‘Good. the feeling is definitely mutual.” We’ve set a land speed for being into each other. Now I’ve got to go to bed because I’m crashed out on Mol’s couch and god, tomorrow is a school day. I love this town.


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  1. OH. MY. GOD.

    I don’t think I will be able to wipe this grin off my face-I can’t imagine what your face looks like. . . .


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