seperation anxiety


Hi Mags! I hope you’re having a great time in San Francisco. It was awesome talking to you tonight. I can’t believe that you’re stealing Corey from me….sigh, I wouldn’t wish it on a better person. You guys are going to have a great time far far far away from me. Sigh. I hope you enjoy the weather…its only rainy for six months…and grey for six months…and nice in august. I’m sticking my tongue out at you. Both of you…. I just can’t move back to some place so much like Seattle. Not yet at least. I’ve decided to pay jeremy’s comment about the potential for getting hurt no mind at all….he doesn’t even call people back and only calls me to get ahold of you. the potential is truly there in everything we do, and i have always been the first to acknowledge it, but it means nothing coming from him. I don’t think we’ve ever even talked enough about a)me as a person or b) the situation… so nice of him to ask me. Yeah, not worth the salt.


Hi Amanda. Did you hear that maggie is moving to berkley? I’m super pumped for her. I should move to LA proprer so that we can all be a little closer in the coming months. I got an awesome black pleated skirt tonight that I can’t wait to show you. We could go out all school girl style and rock the house. I liked Chris’ blog about the scratch and win lottery tickets that have Star Wars on the top. Funny…i actually quoted it today over dinner with a friend who is a serious Star Wars nerd. Not that liking Star Wars is a bad thing. I mean, I’ll go see the third one simply because I’ve already invested in numbers 1 and 2…although I did decide against seeing Matrix 3 based on how shitty matrix 2 was….sigh..Keanu what happened?

Hi Shals… what is up with your phone girlfriend?! Its cool. I was just calling you to see how things were going and to complain about how being the gym made me feel short and fat. Fucking A….I was doing great, feeling really svelte as I worked out on the Elliptical Machine, doing awesome as I did situps and pushups…then I got on the scale and yelled “God Damn, fucking peice of shit.” I fucking hate scales…and the gym. Before I went I bought two really great pairs of pants from the Gap and felt like I was going to look awesome in them…and I will no doubt…but fucking gym just brought me down. Don’t let that dult run circles around you. I know you can take care of yourself…but I just couldn’t help but remind you.

Dear BG,
Never never never say that again. That is soooo not funny. I almost choked when I read that, then I had to put my head down and reflect on how serious that could have become. Thank God april fool’s day is almost over. fuck this stupid holiday. i wonder what the proper word for psuedo holidays is? Like valentine’s day, st. patricks, and april fools…all celebrated, but not real holidays for which we get a day off school or celebrated federally…hmmmmmm….if you find out let me know. Did i ask you how is home? If you ever make it down to LA look me up…actually email me so that I can give you my number and we’ll hang. Hugs.



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