so..i’ve gained weight—-after a week in the gym. I owe the IRS something like 700 bucks…its a really good fucking thing i worked for 12 months straight so that i can owe them money. Only this week under the weight of the threat of full inclusion classrooms did i realize how much my job caused me unneeded stress (just leave me the fuck alone and let me teach my kids…they’re actually learning something damn it!) The forewarned side effect of rash on face has appeared… which means i’d rather have my fucking head cut off then continue these meds—oh welcome back to the land of the living. I can’t get ahold of Shalimar. Tried to type an email to bad girl that got erased…and now i have no energy to write it twice. don’t worry i will. Also…i’m anticipating needing to do some restructuring of my life that may leave me single and with less extra curricular activities. fuck. i feel like i’m letting amazing people down, i’m letting myself down–but only to breathe. what the fuck.


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  1. You can do it, put your back into it.

    Seriously, it just feels crazy because these are the last two weeks of the year. You’ll make it. We’ll make it.

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