Happy 1 day until vacation


Have you ever seen that show where three guys or girls are competing for this one person, who must choose their mate based on the contents of their rooms. So this girl is going through this guys room and okay so some things she didn’t like were the socks every where and the girlie magazines he had stashed all over the room. UMMMM…not once did she mention the CONFEDERATE FLAG behind his bed. Cuz you know how that’s not a problem. WHAT THE FUCK!

wow…these guys are really making fun of this girl. I could only imagine what is going through their heads. Like “I can’t wait to fuck her and leave her…” And she would deserve it.

Oh…Amanda…I was actually hoping to take Chris to vegas by myself….just kidding! I’M SORRY! Maggie was just there when I was concerned about how I was going to endure 8 hours and vegas with my little sister. That…and Maggie is a sexy minx! Hot stuff hot stuff!

Have you seen Meet the Barkers yet? (I’m still talking directly to Amanda). Wow…that show is awesome. Its based on the life of the drummer from Blink 182 and his gorgeous wife. Wow.

Be at my place by 10am on May 5th! Its all you…and me….and mags…and angel! Hugs.


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  1. LOVE Meet the Barkers!!! I love that their son is named Landon. I LOVE that name. It’s excellent!

    I am BEYOND jealous of your upcoming trip. You better get drunk and have lots of sex and win lots of money!!!

  2. Wait, so I’M not a sexy minx? And I can’t leave on the 5th, I have my portfolio presentation. Thanks anway!

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