Hey what do you guys like better…nurse or cheerleader?


“It’s so good…once it hits your mouth. It’s so good!” frank the tank
Yeah like that couldn’t also be said about head. I just spent the last two hours laying on my couch trying to a)watch the local news and b) break out of that limbo between sleep and awake. I just thought I’d share with people what a great place that is to be: I have the best fucking sex dreams in that limbo. FUCK! When those dreams become real life I will be the happiest girl ever.

I really started out laying on my couch watching Oprah because that dude wuth the book “he’s just not that into you” was on wih his second round of advice for women. It really is a good book, and watching these women in thses seeingly normal situations just being kind shit on and not having their needs met, but still putting up with these guys was ridiculous. I guess the need to be with someone outways the need to be respected or happy. That is a way difficult pull. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. a difficult pull that apparently goes on forever because there was this one woman who was 51 years old dating this man for 6 years who gave her an engagement to placate her need to get married but just never set a date. His logic is that he isn’t sure this is the right time, he isn’t sure that he ever wants to get married—which is not bad, and everyone agrees that that is not bad—he just shouldn’t be with someone who wants to get married. Get this, more on the Candy has been this mature since I was 15—I’ve always fucking said that if you’ve been dating someone for over 7 years and the both of you haven’t agreed that getting married is something you’re not into (as in you both agree to just be together forever and that marriage isn’t in the cards for you— which is awesome if that is something you both want) — so one of you wants to get married and the other person is dead set against it…that relationship needs to end. Like really, if after 7 years that persons still isn’t sure if you’re the one…chances are you’re not the one. I…and Oprah…are all for people realizing that marriage is just not for them…and finding another person who also agrees that marriage is just not for them, or another person who has no desire to get married (whose love is greater then their desire to get married). Be single, be together, be honest. In love, much like in big business and education, throwing money at the problem will not solve the problem. However, acting on one’s own educated behalf is alot easier said then done. Like in AA, realizing there is a problem is the first step to solving the problem.

We’re watching Old School. I wish I could post the entire script in blog form…fucking funny.


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  1. I watched that Oprah too! It was kind of sad when the women would tell their heartbreaking story (boohoo, he won’t marry me after 5 years or boohoo i changed my job for him) and then the whole audience would shout “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU”.

    So sad.

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