Most recent photos


Mols is prepping for an adventure! I just go to talk to the potential adventurer and saw his picture on Friendster….wow…she ropes in the cutest Asian-because Persia/the Middle east are apart of the continent of Asia- boys. HOT! And he’s all kinds of passionate about what he does: working towards social change towards environmental social justice…with a smile. Or something like that. He was all passionate yet defensive about his job…confident…knows what he is and has some direction in his life…and is not a needy little prick. How she ended up dating the same boy twice but in different bodies is beyond me?! They talked on Thursday night and he was like “God I want to see you but I’m busy tomorrow with work and school.” she told me this, and I got so fucking excited. HE’S BUSY!!! HE IS BUSY! THIS IS SOO FUCKING DIFFERENT THAT ITS FUCKING AWESOME! I am definetely going to like this guy.

tomorrow we will take the most recent photos…just in case anything happens. Like her pants fall off…


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