I am trying to talk myself out of getting a bowl of ice cream. For the better part of the day i’ve been cracked out on Starbucks coffee…I woke up early to meet Mols new boy (FUCKING AWESOME! I hope he sticks around.) and to help Lindsay unpack her room. she is such an inspiration. I spent two hours at starbucks writing. I may head back there to do my typing. yeah. I’ll be headed back. But I finally dozed off during my second Harry Potter marathon because I was so wasted on caffeine. Oh. my two year commitment with tfa has come to a very unclimactic end. Its hard to get excited about something your just going to continue doing in two months. Its never been much of an organization as it has been a job placement service.

I may have a date on tuesday. A new boy who I am going to meet and see if i like. we’re having all kinds of new adventures around this apartment. the next adventure: clean the house.


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