Its not important to you…


but I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet. That is just how fucking busy I am. And now its old news, but shocking news nontheless. Tom Cruise is dating Katie Holmes?! Top gun is dating Joey Potter…think about it folks. Everytime I see that on like Entertainment tonight or hear about it on the radio my mind tries to work through the past few months of paparazzi and the possible progression of that relationship. Like how up until about a month ago she was engaged to that one dude from American Pie. No, not pie boy but the lacrosse player. And how since Oscar night he’s been spotted with other women but not tied down to one. Not that I don’t like Joey Potter, but he’s bringing her way…way…WAY up in the world. She’s already very pretty, but seeing her in the clips on tv at the Italian what ever it was for his new whatever…she looked timeless. There were two first official outings, and she looked great. Like he has a personal team of makeup artists and stylists for their outings…because really that’s a noticeable change. Awww Tom, trying to recreate what he once had with a very young Nic. Because we all know his ego guided that one. “Nicole knows what she did.” Fucking Paris Hilton tried to bite the same line, but Tom said it first. I think what Nicole did was probably one or two of two things: a) slept with Stanley Kubrick or b)attacked Tom’s “religion.” Fuck, had I had the forethought and the planning I would have definetly gone to the Church of Scientology.

I’m still working on that paper. He only has one example of an ethnography on line so I’m trying to use it as a guide, but really I have no idea how this is supposed to fucking go. At least he provided the rubric as a guide. I’m going to mass, then back to Starbucks. Then hopefully the gym…as a reward for all my hard work.


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