being tired makes me very angry. especially when my professor doesn’t post a study guide for her final until the night…as in 9pm at night…before the final. I was so angry to hear this when I got to LMU that I had to leave the room and take a breather before going to take the final. I did my presentation for my ethnography, and was actually sad to see the class end. I met a lot of cool people who aren’t in TFA and are just cool. It was nice to be in a college level class were I wasn’t the only minority…and now it was really a lot of people of color and their white allies working towards the same goal, but really working towards that goal.

“You are a feircely independent woman…stay that way” this is the advice Jill gave me earlier…I think its awesome. I get so emotionally crazy when I’m tired that we were talking about having kids and my fear of getting fat, having post-partum depression, being an angry mother, never wanting to have kids, not being a good mom, possibly adopting because there are so many children who need love, to thinking i’d be a good mom. Yeah, that all occured during a ten minute time span. Fuck…

There have been shootings on the freeways around here. Shit, it makes me scared to have my sister in town…but yea, we’re still going to vegas.

There will be this thing on the news about how these black women went to a spa and ended up having their skin burned. Yeah…stay the fuck away from my face with that chemical peel. sick….black scars are not hot! Yeah, stay away from spas or salons in malls. Just because they’re in the mall doesn’t mean they’re any good. It just means they can afford to pay the rent.


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