Making of the band


So this has become my favorite TV show. Puffy is such a truthful ass. You can’t hate the man for trying to make money. The finale is coming up. It is my ANTM. Especially with Lorianne the insane choreographer. She is intense. I’m glad I don’t have to teach dance. There is this one girl on there nicknamed “bunny” because she looks like a playboy bunny. She came to the final dance break audition for puffy wearing what looked like a fur bustiere.

I have a date tonight and so does mags. The weather is so great but I have no idea what to wear. I got my hair done I have time to go to school and take care of business…But I think I’ll wait till tomorrow before I go to pick up angel. Today I’ll just chill and figure out what I’m gone wear. Especially for begas. Yes, I intended on typing it “Vegas” but it has now been renamed “begas” little b.

In an attempt to get ready for angel I was vacuuming my room and fucking got my poncho sucked up into the vacuum. The poncho is okay….The room smells like burnt rubber. Don’t tell Mols. The vacuum still works…its just that it made my room stink. Fuck, my desk is messy.

Did this woman just show me her armpits? what the fuck.


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