1st date update


You won’t believe who I saw at the grove: Keenan Ivory wayans sitting outside of coffee bean and tea leaf talking to a very sexy brittany/cynthia daniel. (Update: it was definitely Brittany Daniel….which was what my first guess was…Brittany was in “White Chicks” a Wayans brothers production) The Daniels sisters are identical twins who played on sweet valley high. She was giving him advice about seeing someone for something like chakras. He’s way skinny. And they both wore pants with weird butt pockets…He had like an embroidered mural, she had slits in her pants. I saw them when I went in, but was sure I was wrong…Then I was looking through the window outside, and was like “that is for sure brittany Daniels.” I sat at the table right next to them. I didn’t even go up to Kevin…I just sat down and began text messaging Corey and mags. Kevin stuck his tongue out at me…You know to let me know who he was…And I waved him over… And was like “I’m sorry but I had to send this text message” and showed him what I wrote. They walked away and then he put his arm around her waist and she put her arm on his back. ! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Then when Kevin and I went to the movies, I ran smack dab into Lindsay Price… The actress who played Ian Ziering’s girlfriend/wife on 90210.

So the date was good. I like him. It was very normal. Coffee, dinner, talking and funny, movies and holding hands. We sat in the theater and listened to my ipod during previews. Actually, when he first sat down–after the Keenan Ivory Wayans incident—we exchanged ipods to check out each other’s tunes. Anyway, we sat in the theatre to listen to itunes and watch previews and I draped my leg over his leg and got comfortable. He held my hand and rubbed my leg, and was cool. We watched the dancing fountain and he put his arm around me to keep me warm…He totally wanted to kiss me, it would have been way romantic. But I wasn’t in to it at that moment. I was kinda just chill and watching the fountain. But he did kiss me in his truck when he drove me back to my car. He is ever the gentleman. He said it would be fantastic to get together next Friday…After angel leaves. He asked if I would call him, and I said yes…Then I said that he would have to call me, I wouldn’t call him. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I was just kinda myself and a little tiny bit abrasive. He did this move in the restaurant…He’s very animated in is facial expressions and speech…And he made this look on his face and I straight out said “never do that again.” And he still wanted to go on the rest of the date with me. He gave me a mint in his car and a few minutes later I was like “this is disgusting” and spit it out. And he still wants to see me. It was competely normal …which is good.

OMIGOD…The fucking cat woman is back…And she is ugly. Her new boyfriend thinks she is a work of art. Yeah, he’s after her money. She’s so fucking wow…That she’s unintelligible in her speech. I wonder if its her Swedish accent…But hiedi klum (who may not be Swedish but certainly has an accent) doesn’t need this type of translation when she speaks English. Yeah I’m totally hoping this woman alters her looks back to a normal looking person. Fucking The Insider will stretch a story over five or six episodes. Lame!

have you ever seen the movie sliver? its on amc…becuase its a classic. Because it sucks. because the character development sucks. I’ve seen it before, years ago when billy baldwin was the hot brother, and the way he fucked sharon stone was the way you wanted him to fuck you …so that you couldn’t walk straight. Here is where the character development starts sucking. She’s a runner. She was running a few scenes ago…but he takes her to a gym and she trips out…can’t really handle it, and is like “i can’t do that” when he asks her to try out a machine. yeah…he later fucks her senseless. I can’t even believe their showing this on tv because to make it street legal they have to cut out the only parts worth watching.

um…yeah, ryan reynolds looked hot! in Amityville horror. the only good thing about that movie. fucking hot!


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  1. I have seen sliver. .. and am embarassed to admit it.

    You whore!! I am sooooo jealous of all your celebrity sightings!!!

    We have none of that fun stuff out here.

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