The Vegas Chronicles: 05.05.05 Part 2


Maggie is the best gambler ever. Because even when she’s drunk she knows what to do. Except for when she tried to put her finger through the stretched earlobe of a stranger. Oh, did I metion that there was a peircing convention and an international dart throwing tournament at our hotel. Yeah…that was interesting. We were walking through the hotel lobby to get back to the room (5328) because Angel was vomitting and my poncho was in grave danger…and I look back, and there she is reaching out to put her finger through this dudes streched earlobe…fucking hilarious. Angel got really sick and we had a fucking screaing match after the second time she vomitted because she didn’t want to drink the water. I had to force it down her throat. The next morning in the elevator we were recapping this event to the enjoyment of the other riders. In contesting why she didn’t want anymore water, she says “I like being dehydrated…it makes you lose like 5 pounds. ” The entire elevator errupted in laughter. What also makes you lose like 5 pounds is not really eating anything. Angel had the worst food experiences on the entire trip to vegas. she didn’t like anything on the entire trip, except the pasta. She tried the whole wheat bagel with salmon smear…i love it, she’d never had it before, and usually enjoys blueberry muffins. At the Mad Greek she got spanacoopita (sp?) that was stale, some fried rice that was okay, and a huge peice of cheesecake that she liked…but there were bugs everywhere (including a beetle that we believe followed us from Mad Greek to the VooDoo lounge where it was spotted crawling on Mags chest…sorry mags. The next morning, after a dinner of half a huge portion of pasta, she had a disgusting experience at the buffet. Finally she got some good food at the subway in Victorville. If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a thousand times…STICK WITH WHAT YOU KNOW…NEW FOOD IS OVERRATED. The pasta was delicious becuase it was fucking food we know done in a very good way…oh, but the bacon wraps have yet again proved that food is just that much better when its wrapped in bacon. Yum….pilsburry bread rolls wrapped in brown sugar bacon. Thank you Robert for the recipe. Hmmmmmmmm what else…fucking fun is all i can say! Oh yea, we shopped the hell out of that Primm outlet center. AWESOME! We made some serious purchases. And then this morning I decided to expand my style repetiore and introduce mother of pearl earrings. Stepping it up a notch! HOT! tomorrow is commencement. I believe I will be wearing my bright pink skirt, and my new white shirts. I’ve taken to buying everything in bulk becuase honestly, these are the best tanks and shirts I will never find again. Great! And, it wasn’t even Saturday. Today is Saturday.


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