I remember in 9th grade learning about rage…and how often times people who were diaganosed with (or not diagnosed with but happened to be afflicted with) post traumatic stress disorder will often black out and go into fits of rage. A common cause for post traumatic stress disorder is persistent sexual or physical abuse during one’s childhood….

So this is where I’m going with this.

  • A) Michael Jackson is currently on trial for alledgedly sexually abusing a prepubescent boy or two.
  • B) Bubbles, the baby chimp, as MJ’s bestfriend in the early 80’s.
  • C) upon reaching puberty, Bubbles was sent away from Neverland ranch because adolescent chimps can be quite aggressive and dangerous. He was sent to an animal sanctuary in California
  • D) fast forward to 2005, and a man is brutally attacked while visiting a chimp at an animal sanctuary. The man’s foot, face, and testicals were ripped off in a fit of rage by an older chimpanzee.

Can you make the connection? Do you need me to make it for you?

Bubbles, was probably experiencing a fit of rage as a result of PTSD caused by years of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson. I mean there seriously is a correlation between the ages of MJ’s current accusers and Bubbles….all were prepubescent. Just to get you thinking.


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