Happy Hour


Happy hour is always the best fucking couple of hours in the day. Tonight myself and the ladies of 4620 Atlantic went to El Toritos for the best night of fun that I’ve experienced. Very sex in the city but over nachos.

Sean is this asshole of an old roommate who used to live in the house before Angella arrived. Sean has been “storing” his jeep in their garage because well, he’s a tool… and Angella and the girls were no longer having it. So very rationally and calmly Angella calls his cell phone and they discuss the fact that he needs to move his shit. He “clicks” on her, then calls back later…during which time he calls her a bitch, insults her mom, and passive aggressively threathens her–all before handing the phone to his idiot of a girlfriend, who calmly solved the situation. Reason he gives for not moving the Jeep: the garage door won’t open. He challenges her “As soon as you get the garage door open, I’ll move the jeep.” He has until Sunday at 5. So what do us four girls do…we get that fucking door open. It took some time– yea 5 minutes–and us getting dusty, but no one even broke a sweat. You know why? Because that’s what doors do: THEY OPEN! Fucking tool.

Cold Stone

So this is the second time this week Mags and I have perused ColdStone. Mags and I have a great time whenever we go out in public. We generally get the whole group involved and anyone who is standing around, because we really have only two volumes: medium and loud…okay, I don’t have an inside voice. Whatever! And the nice black girl behind the counter, who helps us everytime, asks if we’re under 19 because we act just like her and her bestfriends. We’re like ‘no, we actually teach students who are under 19. We’re high school teachers” She was like, “You are the coolest high school teachers ever.” Yes, yes we are. If you need more proof, check Mag’s journal.


Angella is the coolest person, and the coolest 5th grade teacher. Nuff said.


I’m hanging out with Kate tomorrow for two reason: A) to save her from another date with Teddy and B)I feel bad that sometimes when we hang out I don’t pay any attention to her. Its all about Mags, and now Mags and Angella. Redemption.

K2 Update
I emailed him yesterday, he emailed me back. Cool. I know what you’re thinking, SHUT UP STUPID GIRL THAT’S WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE DO! Whateves…Angella wants to hook me up with her friend Jason who is a saint. Let me tell you how much this boy is my type:
1. He’s filipino. Those of you who know me know that API men are at the top of my list.
2. He attends hunter teaching college in NY getting a masters degree in Moderate to Severe special education working with students who are blind, deaf, autistic, etc. FUCKING WHOA! I love my job, but there is not enough money in the world. That is fucking social justice. He is a saint. That population of people is so incredibly wonderful and so incredibly in need of wonderful teachers who are willing to take on that challenge of seeing the world in a completely different way and meeting a totally different set of life standards…he has to be amazing.
3. He doesn’t want to just meet her pretty friends, he wants to meet her deep down beautiful friends. I’m blown away that she even considered me for this category. It will be reclaimed–just give it time.
4. He loves his family and his mother.
5. It was confirmed that he would pull my hair during the most intimate of moments. OH HELL YEAH!

Anyway, outside of happy hour, try outs are going fucking great. The kiddos are catching on so fast. Found out today that our advisor was arrested for charges similar to Michael Jackson’s. I can’t even bring myself to type it here. I’ll just say that his bail was $250,000. Fuck. The kids looked up to him so much. I wonder, what is that morning is like when you wake up and you’re a fucking monster?


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