things i know are true


1. i have no self restraint.
Okay i have a little self restraint. just a little. Dinner last night was really good. He came over and cooked (pasta and chicken with a homemade sauce- a dijon, red pepper, cream mix) and I made dessert (fresh mango and soy vanilla ice cream). Which brings me to point number 2:
There is nothing I won’t do for a man who cooks me dinner, then washes the dishes after he’s done. Well, I mean there was one thing we didn’t do, but we did everything else. 3. this still doesn’t rule out anything, it was just a lot of fun. 4. He will be called back for a third round of auditions though.


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  1. I agree with the whole dish washing point. It’s the one household chore I truly hate. Any man who will wash dishes scores more ways than one.

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