I’ve had a headache that has made it difficult for me to laugh or to move my head too quickly without wanting to die. Hence, the scream in the title. Oh….and two days of sunning on the hottest days (which have now gave way to a fucking gray day) have left me with a sun burn on my lips and the tip of my nose. ATTRACTIVE.

I went to the alumni induction dinnner tonight for two reasons: a) Free dinner—gotta love baha fresh and b) to see old faces that I haven’t seen but always mean to see, like all of the mid-LA people. Its really nice to know that there are people who live the insanity and love the insanity. Like we know there are issues and there are problems in these schools but some how we’re pulling through. Thank God because it feels like they’re staying beyond just that third year which means maybe i wont’ be so lonely or monopolizing of Corey’s, Amanda’s, and Chris’ time once i graduate LMU and Mags leaves for law school.

Parking my car tonight I realized that as much as I’ve always viewed TFA as a really great job placement agency, there have been some people who have gone to bat for me to really make sure I was the best at my job, and how thankful I am for those people. Mostly Kari Ann Tow. Let me say first, I am greatful for Michelle Culver for going to bat for me to even have a job when I didn’t pass the CSET. And I am greatful to Dottie for always being a source of great support and resources over these last two years. But it was Kari Ann who has been there before all the CSET drama, before all the special ed drama, back in the fucking ELL and SPED resource room back at Institute. I mean back when my placement was a general ed middle school english class, not a high school special education english class. Kari has just been the most amazing source of resources, immature laughter (last time we got together we talked about her great boyfriend, and how he was Jewish. I told her about how I wanted a jewish boyfriend. Tonight I reminded her about that statement, and how its coming true. Thanks Kari!) support, knowledge, and fucking efficacy increasing support through these years. Next year she’s headed to Columbia university to get a doctorate in psychology. God bless her. I wish her well. That is my eternal testament to Kari Ann Tow.

Ummmmmm…why am I so intrigued by the Maxim Hot 100 list of 2005. I never said I wouldn’t have sex with a hot girl. I’ve actually always been forthright with that fact. Now maxim has just given me a list to work through.

I got suckered in to subbing today. I went in to “help” the testing coordinator and ended up subbing for a teacher whose original sub—the future B-Track dean– didn’t show up. ASSHOLE! Good kids. One gentleman—one of the few black students at Franklin— introduces himself to me in a very polite way and then asks “Are you a TA?” Me: “No, I’m a teacher.” Him: “Really? Like you went to a 4 year college?” Me: “Yeeeesssss.” Aw…I love the kiddos. He was such a sweet heart. Fucking even the freshman were good. I love good kids.

Flags tryouts were today. It is really sad when your team is more mature then you are. As in during tryouts the girls (Tala, Jen, Elena) and Greg (a junior who is the head trumpet in the band) were more mature then me. I just can’t remain professional even when you pay me.

HE CALLED! I know….i’m lame. But I’m glad he called. He said to me “So my boss told me about this really great movie, Crash.” Me: OMIGOD! That was a great movie. I saw it Saturday after the beach party. Him: Shit! Me: Lets go, it was good I’d see it again. So on Wednesday I’m driving up to his place to cook dinner and see a movie. At least I know we won’t be making out during that movie.

LinLo and HilDuff need to get over themselves. They really are having a celebrity version of “you’re not invited to my party!!!”


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