what’s yours?


“[my] addiction is pleasure in the form of immediate gratification”

“[your interests]… how you spend your time on a day to day basis, that should be it”

Ben keeps saying things that are quotable. As you can recall, Ben was boy #1 from way back in february or so. we talk periodically, mostly about music, today about mental illness.

I found the wildest ad on craigslist. Let me share:


I am easy going, down to earth, confident, passionate male who desire to start a friendship with a quality black female. It can lead to more. If “you” are her please reply with pic and interests. NO game players. NO drama. Those who are serious ONLY needs to reply. Thank you

Yeah, I had to read that shit twice, because really. What-the-fuck?! so I responded. And we’re just going to humor this whole idea because i really want to see where this goes and what is up, because experiencing life is what is about. So here is the email, because I have no shame:

Hi Candace, I am a 35 years young college professor who teaches a variety of business courses. I am Italian/Persian/Morrocan mix came to LA, since about twenty years ago or so. I am worldly traveled, enjoy art, music, jazz, comedy, Lakers, Vegas, travel, and love to explore and enjoy life offerings. I live in the beverly hills area, never married, no children, not into any games, drama nor have any baggage. You can send your pic(s) to this e-mail address. Regards, Marchello

I’m just going to humor this for the sake of the content of this blog and becuase I don’t have to return to the classroom until July 5th and need to develop some of those interests outside of “Music and movies” becuause apparently everyone is interested in music and movies. What can i say, i’m easy that way. Stop laughing bitches!


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