Whose Gay Now


1. Tom Cruise
re: see his current relationship with Katie Holmes. In the spirit of “Thou doth protests too much” anyone who needs to declare their love that much doesn’t need to convince anyone else either then themselves that they are in love. He is so not coming out of the closete for the gay rights cause. We don’t have to hate him…he hates himself enough.

2. Sarah Paulson
re: so we were watching the Tony Awards and this “well known” lesbian actress, Cherry Jones, is accepting her award for best lead actress, and she ends her speech “and for my Laura Wingfeild who blah blabh bhlab” she didn’t really say blah blah blah, but it was a seriously endearing speech that expressed her love for this woman who the camera had now panned to. After about an hour and half of searching, I finally went to scroll through the pictures of the Tony awards and there was her face. Apparently, Laura Wingfield is the Sister in the play “The Glass Menagerie.” Whom, Sarah Paulson played. Yeah, and the kiss that Cherry Jones gave Sarah befre she went to the stage was passionate, if not revolutionary at best.

3. R. Kelly….well he doesn’t know it yet, but as Mags has pointed out, writing songs like “Down Low” and “In the Closet parts 1-4.” I mean, come fucking on Black man! Get a fucking clue. And much like Tom…stay away from young girls who will let you piss on them. Jebus.

Keep an eye out for more Whose Gay Now. Or feel free to add your own.


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