The longest yard


So instead of studying for the midterm I have on thursday, or writing the contract my girls must sign in order to let them know that if they do not pay for their uniform in full by a certain date they will not be able to graduate from high school, or even hanging out with the room mate, I decided that I was going to see a movie today. While the roommate cleaned. I could have invited her to go…but no, absolutely in no way was I going to ruin seeing “the longest yard” by inviting anyone to come a long. My mom does the same thing: she’ll tell my dad she’s going to work and then go to the movies all day long—this was when she had a job. (I think she’s at an interview today because she has been impossible to get on the phone. Good luck). Anyway, what I’ve come to discover, and don’t laugh, is: a) deodarant should be applied everyday, b) I love Adam sandler, especially this new mature adam sandler, and c) i could totally get used to doing shit like this everyday. I love adam sandler—i want to have his babies. — oh, I think I want to move to the south.
So I finally had to break it to the roommate that she shouldn’t make such general statements as if they were true. We were watching “The Sheild” a police drama, and they were at a do-it-yourself car wash, and there was a black Luitenent there overseeing a case. The roommate says “that looks like Highland park, except there are no black people in HP.” This is totally untrue. I told her that. She says, “No, they’re all bussed in. I’ve even asked the kids.” “The kids don’t know everything. I’ve actually looked at the census numbers from HP and its about 8-10 percent black…You shouldn’t make such general statements as if they are true because people are starting to notice.” “What do they say?” “they say “She makes these statements as if they’re facts, and they’re not.” “Oh.” She totally wanted to know who said that, i wouldn’t tell her…but really, its everyone. The whole fucking world is like: Shut up, you’re embarassing yourself. Pray for her, everyone.
Oh…and Mags we should hang out on Friday after my appointments. I have one at 8 am and one at 1pm…so we’ll get together! Yeah!


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