Just in case you hadn’t heard…


…The new Black Eyed Peas album KICKS ASS!!!!!! 100% good. 100% danceable. As is the Shakira album. Thank you Summer Songs of 2005.

…So, here is an update on The Hook Up front: Dinner at Palms, wednesday 7pm. I’m bringing friends so that the situation will be fun and light. Its just up to the two key players to do what they need to do.

…omigod, the roomate is allowing water to slowly trickle into our brita filter…it is going to kill me, like water torture. There i turned it off.

…i’m thinking about becoming a school psychologist. i really want to keep working with kids with disabilities, and actually have no interest in working with non-disabled students. The way the Bush administration is going, my kids will be part of the inclusion movement by 2007. If things work out right, i’ll be in a doctorate program to be the ultimate eduational specialist. I’ll spend three years learning the ins and outs of special education and law. And its still working towards my goal of empowering students and parents. We’ll see what can be done. Especially since I am at the age where it just makes since to keep going without really burning out. I can see myself burning out of teaching soon. This is the perfect time to get more and more education and still having the rest of my life to keep going. Corey was talking about the possibility of business school, Mags is going to law school, in a few years, Amanda will be going to get her masters in speech development and disorders. This makes me feel alot better because I really couldn’t see myself teaching for the rest of my life.

Oh…and, just in case you haven’t heard…i have no sensation of hunger now that I am on my new mediation. This could really work to my advantage. If i can become super disciplined I could seriously trim down my thighs. Which means I will save a bundle on plastic surgery. NICE!


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