WTF Award of 6/11/05: IFC


Oh things have way changed on cable….The last 7 days on IFC I’ve have seen full frontal male nudity (that one movie with James Vanderbeek), full on fucking (Bully), full frontal breasts (Bully), female pubic hair—like her vagina! (Bully) men fucking men (bully) and a girl getting raped in the ass (bully). WOW….Oh, and they said “fuck” and “motherfuckin'” like seven times. None of it was gratuitous or in bad taste—except for the fact that it is gratuitous and in bad taste, simply because the movie Bully is based on the real life murder of this bully named Bobby. He was a real ass and his child hood friend, Marty, and Marty’s girlfriend and her friends get together to kill Bobby. I read the true crime novel back in Junior year of college, so like 2002. The boys really did make a gay porno…and the kids in the film are way blue collar, though they come from fairly middle class families. Its really like, “look at what happens to your fucking kids people when you don’t fucking care! These kids are not alright!” Bobby is the most messed up (yea, huge conduct disorder) but Marty is as equally fucked up because they’ve been friends for so long that they’ve developed a sort of symbiotic relationship. Oh, and to top it of..The camera just went for a shot of Bijou Phillips vagina in her super short shorts— so that we could all see that she’s shaved…Like a super close up shot!, and a shot of her ass. For rock royalty, Bijou Phillips is fucking trash! See: Black and White, where the opening scene is her getting fucked in the ass, in a park, while French kissing this girl…Serious threesome. Yeah, IFC is fucking off the hook…and I don’t mean that in a positive way. I mean that in a I really should be keeping track of how many more times I see some girls tits, or watch two girls make out because in the course of writing this blog its occurred like 3 times. And they’re TWEEKERS! Ahhhh the scourge of suburban white America, what fucking happens when kids have too much time and nothing to fucking do…and the girl’s plan is to “drive by his house and shoot him down. Cops will think its a gang bang” re: lets blame it on some black kids! WHAT THE FUCK! NO FUCKING SUPRISE. They don’t do this, they lure him out to a quarry after they’ve fucking recruited half the kids in their Florida suburb, and kill him. But seriously, I hate the kids of this fucking country. I really couldn’t see myself teaching kids in the ‘burbs. RAISE YOUR GOD DAMN KIDS FOLKS!
(QUESTIONs: 1. why is it that in every suburb there is one or two guys who claim to be apart of the mafia? Oh yes, there were these folks in my suburb, at my fucking high school too! Fuck you—you’re not part of shit. This motherfucker is talking about how he laid some “disciplinary action on some dude at the mall” IN A FUCKING VIDEO GAME! 2. Where the fuck do these kids keep getting their gas money!? They don’t even have jobs.)

So last night I was reading the Newsweek that has the new mayor of LA on the cover, Villaraigosa. The article is about how Latinos are rising in power (awesome) and what that might look like (its about as diverse and unpredictable as now). But then there is this article about how Mexican-Americans are the New Irish, ( in that they “arrived”— or were here when the better parts of the South West and CA were settled– they were separate, but now have become apart of the “American Tapestry”) My immediate response was “Oh yes, they get to be apart of the American Tapestry, but they want Black people to stay far away. ‘Negroes you don’t get to be apart of the American Tapestry, but you can be apart of the American penal system.'” Flip fucking three pages and there is a picture Malcolm X’s grandson in prison. Granted, he probably deserves to be in prison ( re: set the fire that led to his grandmother’s death, was arrested for selling drugs) for a little while, but really capital punishment does not lead to behavior modification—that’s a whole other issue. I’m just sayin’–thank you Newsweek for proving my point once again. Jebus, I hate this country. And I hate the lineage of civil rights leaders who are fucking up in soooooo many huge fucking ways…especially when, even if your mom is all fucked up, the whole rest of the civil rights community is willing to take her place.

Which is another thing I hate, bad mothers. Bad parents. Bad adults. Stop fucking up our future by fucking up your kids. PLEASE! JEBUS! (its the root of this whole problem. One of the girls in Bully tells this story about her abusive grandfather, who beat the shit out of his wife until he killed her, locked her in a room and just kept having sex with her dead body. This in turn fucked with the girl’s mother, who became an alcholic, only dated men who beat her, and that is how the girl learned to turn tricks. STOP THE VICIOUS CYCLE FOLKS! Get yourself spade or nutured)


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  1. While you make some very good and valid points . . .um. . .I love Brad Renfro. And I love horrible films that star Brad Renfro.

    So stop being so smart.

  2. A few comments:

    1) I like the new template. The font is big, which is good for aging twenty-somethings like myself. Which leads me to wonder if when we get older there will be Large Print versions of websites, like there are for library books.

    2) Since I don’t have cable I can’t comment on how cable has changed, however I can tell you that Chris brought home Seasons 1 and 3 of CSI. The pilot episode is SO different. They say “ass” at least 7 time, I know because we were so shocked that we started counting.


    3) Tweakers are everywhere. Now that I don’t work in retail it doesn’t affect me much, except when parents are tweakers. But Chris recently met two actors in a recently released movie who were total tweakers. How did he meet them you may wonder? They were selling off their stuff to make money.. hmmm..

  3. Can you believe that I have never really seen a movie with Brad Renfro in it?! But his pictures on IMDB are HOT!!! I remeber reading an article in Jane that he did modeling in Japan. HOT!

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