Michael Jackson and Jerry Springer


Today at 1:30 they’re going to announce the Michael Jackson verdict. I will be watching.

but on to Jerry Springer…I don’t know when you watched the last time, but now its a new season. It seriously looks as if they’ve just repackaged old episodes as new episodes. All of the camera work looks really bad—not vibrant and clear like most shows. Its odd. I don’t know anything about taping or live feeds or cameras or anything, but it just looks wierd and old.

I went to school today to interview a student for my

They’ve just changed the time to 1:45—in an effort to accomdate his schedule. If he is found guilty, he will forever have to live under Megan’s law which will rip the privacy roof off of MJ’s life. We could learn alot more about him. Wow. Hey…here is today’s poll question:

If found guilty do you think MJ will kill himself? Yes or No

Those fans are insane. One man quit his job, sold everything he had, traveled from Tennessee to move into an extended stay hotel in Medesto to support Michael Jackson. He had to get a part time job at the mall to pay for his extended stay hotel room. Hmmmmm….its like voluntary poverty as a result of temporary insanity.

It is now 1:45…WHERE IS MY VERDICT!?

Dudes, um… if he were your brother, and knowing only what you know from the news would you support him?

(Janet and LaToya are both present. Hey, I say this without any bias towards either verdict—because really, I DON’T KNOW— but they all have the same plastic surgeon, and they all look like they’re from the planet of the apes. The only people who look normal are the parents. They are not normal looking people.

and the doors are shut. it is 1:52. We will be brought inside via audio only.

oh…and while i’ve been waiting, Destiny’s Child broke up. Hmph! Not like those girls weren’t just holding Beyonce back in the first place. Looking so crazy in love/you got me lookin, got me lookin/so crazy in love. I can now see how Diana Ross came up ahead of the supremes.

omigod here it comes: NOT GUILTY on all 10 felony counts as well as the misdemeanor accounts (they are releasing doves for each count of not guilty..there are like 10 counts, and fuckng subsections to each count that he is being not guilty for)Poor fucking birds…at least they’re trained to come home. The crowd is going wild. I can honestly say that this changes nothing for me. I didn’t really have an opinion but I still won’t listen to new michael music. its not great…its not good at all.

Well, I guess you guys can answer the question: why do they all look like they’re from the planet of the apes.

And not guilty or guilty—those fans are nuts.


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