Yeah, so at first I was seriously shocked and appalled by the Brad and Jennifer divorce. I still seriously don’t think marriage is supposed to work now. But….GOD DAMN! Brad and Angelina have some serious chemistry in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. hot hot hot. At 7 on a monday night the theater was packed. I just can’t wait for the unrated dvd to be released (it has a PG 13 rating right now) now that will be hot. Me and Mols liked it so much and were soooo pumped up that we both decided to go to the gym to work off some of that excitement.

On the boy front, which I only have a slight interest in pursuing because the idea of school starting is starting to stress me out enough to want to maybe take a step back…but the games have begun so I have no intention of stopping now. I told M that I don’t call boys…so he’s called me…twice. I’ll call him in the morning and see if he wants to have coffee or sex sometime this week. I mean dinner. I need to get my fucking hair done. This shits getting out of control.

I just fucked up royally. I want to get a thyroid test in the morning…but i need to have not eaten in 12 hours…I just had a glass of apple juice. 12 hours fom now is 12…it will just have to wait until wednesday because I just have shit to do in the morning. Or should I say later today!


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