On the western front


So phone tag has ended tonight when we talked for about two hours. Yeah, it was just full of us fucking with each other by way of picking on one another and making the other person laugh. About 20 minutes in I just point blank asked him what he had learned about me from the last 20 minutes. I swear, I wasn’t really all that impressed…even though he has alot of cool shit (ie really great apartment in Beverly Hills– so he says. Its human nature to lie, even when we say we don’t lie…so I’ll have to see it to believe it.). Here is what kept the conversation going: a.) He gave me a nickname. He did what all men do when they meet a beautiful black woman— they refer to her as chocolate. I have gotten this from all races of men–black white yellow tan golden red…its like they only are aware of one fucking allusion to food to imply sexy. What the fuck is that! Mols agrees that she would be pissed off if someone referred to her as vanilla. As if I’m just gonna let you eat me…..yet! FUCKING STOP THAT MEN! ITS NOT COOL. I made him stop after he alluded to it the second time. And then I told him my born with a nickname: Candy…which is why the chocolate thing is just not cute. And so as the call progressed, and we traded barbs back and forth, he called Crazy Candy or C&C for short. I was flattered. Second thing that was kept the conversation going was that he could take the barbs I threw at him…nothing mean, but just in response to his snarkiness. It was all in good fun. At the end of the call, after I told him he should get to bed…and it took everything in me to not call him an “old man”—he was like “can you hang?” and I responded, “No, can you hang?” We decided we can hang…and made plans to meet on Sunday night at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Robertson and Beverly at 8pm (just in case I go missing you’ll know my last sighting). He also shot me down on my ‘shyness’ that insisted that I don’t call boys. its not even true—I totally do call boys. He said, if you feel like calling call. He knows I’m busy–which is why we’re meeting on Sunday because honestly I wasn’t not going to go to Craig’s party to hang out with a stranger.

Two things that kinda made me laugh and made my stomach kinda go “he he he”:
1) He said that black women have been attracted to him frequently. I asked him what was so special about him…he has olive coloring, and get this Hazel eyes. Fuck. If you’ve ever seen CSI you know what hazel eyes can do with a little coloring in the skin makes hazel eyes stick out like…well fuck. Yeah…I would be attracted to that too.

2.) He like tennis, not only becuase he likes the sport becuase he likes Serena Williams big legs and round butt. Ladies and Gentleman, um…have i big legs and a round butt. And that is not something you hear often in Los Angeles…but its not enough to win me over. It just made me laugh.

And now I’m hungry…I can’t eat until after I get this fucking blood test to see if I have a thyroid condition. Fuck.


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