Room Raiders: Lesbian Style


So we just finished watching Room Raides lesbian style…I like how room raiders in general is just about who would I fuck based on their room. So Lesbian room Raiders ended with the two lesbians cleaning a shower in bikinis. Yeah…I know, speechless. One girl had a 6 degrees of Gail chart, mapping out who had slept with who in the lesbian community and how that connected back to her…yeah, all the girls in the Room Raider van were on that wall. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Movies I will see:
Dukes of Hazzard
Batman Begins

Movies I will rent:

Movies I will spoil:
At least two of the previews I saw last night, one was a horror movie I know that—it looked horrible.

So, um, could Jessica Simpsons new video My boots are made for walkin’ be more of a rip off of Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. Ad. Jessica is washing the General Lee in a bikini. Yeah, its been done Jess! wow those extensions are dark. I can’t wait until that trend ends because I get hot just looking at people with all that ridiculously long hair on their head. Laundry! And how is it that her dad just watches while she does all these string bikini things? Actually…i guess it would imply weirdness on is part if he was like “wow, i feel uncomfortable.” because it would imply sexual attraction on his part, as opposed to wanting to protect his investment. I like how they’re not daughters…their investments. As it should be after you’ve sacrificed everything for them. I wonder if I could make my kids turn a buck like that? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Um…I kinda can’t wait for the breast engorgement. I wonder how long that lasts?


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  1. I think if I had a 6 degrees of Shalimar chart…. FD could link me to ever lesbian in Seattle between the ages of 22-47.


  2. Hey not sure if you’ll get this… but since you watched that room raiders show as well I was trying to find out what kickboxing/yoga/stretch bs the room raiding lesbo was into as she described in the begininng of the show, did you catch the name of it?? please email at… thx!~

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