Clark Gable


“I was waiting for a cross-town train in the London underground when it struck me That I’ve been waiting since birth to find a love that would look and sound like a movie… I want so badly to believe that “there is truth, that love is real”And I want life in every word to the extent that it’s absurd.” Postal Service Clark Gable

Today has been a day of memory making. We had lunch in the Larchmont village where our general conversation went on to make our fellow eaters a bit uncomfortable…hee he he..and where an extremely pregnant woman “stalked” us. As in we saw her as we walked up the street, when we walked into the pizzaria, and when we sat down to eat. I think I’m pregnant now.

Cores and I decided to get our futures read as well. There was this psychic in the coffee shop we went to, and got our futures read–mine was a psychic reading and a tarot reading. I had two different questions for her: one about Dee, and one about my love life. She assured me that my niece would live a long life. The second question was whehter I would find love. She read through the cards–which were pretty good and accurate for where I’ve been in life–and she read that I would become content with where I am in life, meet a man that would be happy with me, and with whom I would be happy with as well. But not right now, in my 30’s…think like 32. Right now I am beginning to get to a place where I am figuring things out and making decisions about life. She has this match making service, where she’ll do your charts (numerology, chinese astrology, and astrology, i think,) and add your name to this list. She’ll scan the list for whom she thinks will be compatible based on your numbers. She gives each party the other’s numbers–phone numbers– and its up to them. Nice, fun. So I guess I can calm down a bit—I know you think its foolish because a) its a place I would have gotten to by myself and b) its pretty standard- but not really considering the fact that about 75% of my old friends are married–I’ll be okay. And its good to have that confirmation from all arenas in life, even if they’re psychics. It was fun. Memories are meant to be made; moments are meant to happen. It was fun. We had dinner at EJ Malloys in the gay district of Long Beach. It was a pretty good day.
…considering that TomKat is on their way down the aisle. Jesus. In the cafe there was a Scientology book called “Self Analysis.” The long and short of it: Be your own best friend—you know, have as much value in yourself as you would your closests friends—Know thy self, and use memories from your past. I don’t know what the fuck that last statement is about, but honestly Scientology boils down to being a hybrid of all the basic tenents of philosophy and religion except to realize that you are your own higher power. No thanks.

I’m going to be sick the day when most of my meals consist of salads and iced tea. I still don’t have a metabolism. I can’t wait to find out if this is really a thyroid disorder or if I’m just seriously messed up. Same difference. I guess I should buy some lettuce and a cookbook. Salads are seriously the easiest meals to make. Especially since I like things simple. I also like things warm. MMMMM…warm chicken on cool lettuce. Yum. Now on to at least 52 other types of salads, any day now.


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