Doves and Locust


Its not the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath awaycliches by Hitch, starring Will Smith.

So driving around Long Beach yesterday Mags and I saw a flock of doves flying in circles with a lone black pigeon. Apparently those doves released either a) at Michael Jackson’s ruling or b) at Compton High School’s graduation do not know they’re way back home. Its a shame.

Yesterday was a funny day. We did breakfast, where we taste tested packets of sugar substitutes (Equal, Splenda, Sweet and Low), went shoe shopping–where seriously I had a difficult time narrowing down what dressed up flip flops will be most appropriate for starting my school year in July— and went to Redondo Beach. Jebus. On the way down the steps to the beach we saw a dropped pair of underware, broken glass, and on the sand there was a mountain of sea weed, scuba divers, and bits of trash. As soon as we layed out of things a swarm of flies just descended on us out of know where. I was sure we had sat down on a dead body or something. It was horrible. We almost went into shock (Mags curled within herself and any second I was going to start screaming but I was afraid that the flies would enter my mouth) so we grabbed our shit and high tailed it back up the steps and into the park above the beach. Next time we decide to lay out in the sun, remind us to just go across the street to the Quincenera park.

Note: steal Mags’ recipes. She always makes good healthy food, which is more then I can say for my fast food fascination.

Um…so how exactly did Ben Stein (who I believe worked in the White house) get to be the spokesperson for Visine? How exactly did he get to have his own show called Win Ben Stein’s Money?

Last night there was the going away party for Paul/celebrating the end of the school year for Craig party. Okay, at some point in the party I swear Craig told me that I should meet Ebony, a lady who works at his school. I thought this was the same girl who was dating David Garner. Wow…I must have spoken to this girl for like 20 minutes thinking she was Angelique—David’s Girlfriend who I’ve never met but have seen a picture of and who people don’t seem to like, but who is not EBONY! Thank you Amy for saving me from myself. Amy shot my assertion down as soon as a question about David came out of my mouth. I’m insane. Cute people were there and I have it documented and refinished on camera. Everyone has been Snapfished. I should seriously get this shit developed. I think I will do that today. I gotta figure it out.

The thing about TFA is not knowing that you’ve met someone a thousand times. I met this guy named Adam last night who I recognized but don’t really know and we’ve seen each other a few times at things. Its just weird to know that I keep meeting people who will be minor characters in the book.


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