El Segundo


So apparently, and without suprise, the water in El Segundo has the highest concentration of lead then any other city in LA. It certainly helps that the Chevron factory is on one side of El Segundo, and the Airport is on the other side. Fuck.

Jeannie, Jess, and I had dinner together tonight. On Wednesday nights Jess baby-sits for this rich family that even despite how rich they are they unintentionally gave their child a disability by not speaking with their child when he was born. Like they would speak around him, they just never spoke to him or with him. WHAT! Apparently, the mother would prefer it if she didn’t have to see the kids. Jessie had to sneak into the house and put the baby to bed without the mother noticing. Jeannie was telling us about how she knew a nanny whose clients, if their children were still awake when they got home, the parents would wait outside until the nanny flickered the lights to signal that the kids were in bed. Today is definitely one of those days when I don’t want children.

I can never have sex again…or even kiss anyone again. After our entree we were talking about the wierd people Jessie’s little sister interacts with at her job (she works for an on line prescription company) and I mentioned the comment about the poor girl who got herpes from her boyfriend who went down on her. Oh yea, Jess’s little sister knew a guy back home who was infected with the herpes his mother had…now, when we were all born they didn’t do that whole testing for herpes then giving you a c-section to avoid transfering herpes to your baby thing. This kid had herpes on his eye! YES! HERPES ON HIS EYE…not just fucking bloodshot eye, but a fucking sore that pussed and shit. He also had it on his nose and around his mouth. Another friend of hers got herpes from kissing a guy who did not have an out break on his mouth (which the gynecologist at planned parenthood totld me was possible) and she didn’t have anything wrong with her lips, so it still transferred to her. And herpes isn’t just sores on the outside of your mouth—that shit takes up shop on the inside of your mouth also…fucking pussy shit too! OH WHAT THE FUCK! I can’t even kiss anyone now. Fuck I’m horrified. The worse thing about the guy with herpes in his eye was that it was highly contagious and so when he had an outbreak, it would itch and he would rub his eye…then go pick up a fucking phone or touch a doorknob. So they had to keep fucking handy wipes everywhere. JEBUS! Shit, so its not even like abstaining from sex will stop the spread of herpes, its really abstaining from everything…everything…EVERYTHING… possibly rules out holding hands…unless you do it wearing latex gloves and an unending supply of handywipes. SIGN ME UP, LORD. I’M COMING HOME.

I like how Big always calls Carrie on her insecurities and bullshit…except for when he is clearly not getting it becuase neither is she. Its amazing how much they don’t know about each other. Why can’t we be like the stock exchange and have our emotions read across our chests and everyone would know whats up? Probably because we don’t really want to read what it would have to say about ourselves either.

Jeannie and I talked about moving to Philadelphia. Actually, Jeannie is moving home to New Jersey, and I could shop around this whole special ed credential. I’ve never lived in a place like New York or Philly. Cities that actually have seasons, seasons beyond grey and cold but no rain or snow. I used to pray for it to snow for two reasons: 1) the possiblity of cancelled classes and 2) the snowcap of clouds actually makes it warmer because it traps in the warm air….but this is only if there isn’t an artic wind coming down from the north. Shit…fuck it never mind.

I hated Chris Noth on Law and Order. He never failed to come off as an ass..and sometimes a racist ass. And in some of the later seasons of Sex in the City he looks really old. In the new Heather Locklear movie he looks like he is on the good side of the Botox needle. I’m an Aidan fan myself, ever since Northern Exposure… wow, that was great.

I’m homesick for what Washington should look like…crisper greens, rolling fog, dewed grass, fucking sunrises over the Sound. Sherpa jackets lined with fur. PETA forgive me, but in my freshman year this “princess” from an incredibly wealthy family had this fur coat that her dad had made for her. Jebus…I tried this thing on and it was soooooooooooooooo warm. Warmer then I’d ever felt and have ever felt again. Speaking of warm: I’ve still gotta pack. Vegas here I come.


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