speaking of lepres (lepers…leapers…leppers?)


So…Jeannie and I were talking about how this entry would be offensive to people with herpes… in the time of valtrex i’m sure living life is like normal, especially since herpes really isn’t one of the more serious STDs-its not going to kill you (but seriously, I think it serious and its seriously scary. I’d just like to go on record with that.) But, my question is: how do people with herpes date? Well, I know what you’re thinking: like everyone else. But what if you don’t want to spread herpes…how do you find other people with herpes to date? Jeannie suggested the idea of there being community groups for people with herpes…like a colony…like a lepers colony. We laughed our asses off. We may be going to hell. Well, I’m joining a convent. Convant? convint? I know its not spelled with an “i” but i’m just throwing that out there.


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  1. Well, you can find out if you visit my blog herpeslondon.blogspot.com

    Sorry if that seems like gratuitous linking, but it’s not. I was searching the web for herpes-related blogs, and found yours. This sort of attitude comes up a lot from people who don’t have it… or think they don’t have it. Have you had a blood test for herpes? Have you had a cold sore? After all, it’s the most ubiquitous virus on the planet.

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