You ever wonder what happens to VJays when they retire? Not the shitty vjays like tweaker Jessy, but the “serious” ones like Alison Stewart, and the guy who was runner up to Jessy but that the whole world liked better? They end up doing fluff pop culture peices for stations like MSNBC. I just watched a segment in which Alison Stewart and this reporter from the village voice dissect the fact that men can in fact be friends and it a) not be homosexual and b)can be quite fulfilling. For example, there is the Ben Affleck-Matt Damon friendship. Fucking duh! Jebus. Are men so afraid of being seen as “gay” that they are now looking for validation from mass media and society for their male friendships. Haven’t guys always had male friends who were as close to them as brothers? The funniest thing is the concept of the man date where two males go out to dinner together …and eat…and talk. What!? I go out with Mags all the time. What is this called.

wow….my heart just broke. Leah Remini is a scientologist. Jesus. And I mean that. Not Jebus. But Jesus. Maybe at the celebrity center they down play the whole Souls being from an Alien planet and focus more on the whole getting to a higher plane in which one can transcend time and space. I have to believe that. Because I seriously have so much respect for Leah Remini and I don’t want to lose that. Now Tom Cruise—well he’s an ASS! His fucking rampages against psychiatric medication…bleh. Get a medical degree and the we’ll talk. Or better yet…let me talk to nicole because I’m sure she spends more time with the kids then you do. Or better yet, let me speak to the nanny.

So I got my oil changed and they did an inspection because its time for my 30k mile check. Yeah, firestone gave me a fucking $800 quote! Ri-fucking-diculous. The cost of labor was actually more then the fucking parts. (Parts was around $300, labor was $484!) I called like 6 different Honda dealerships and all of their quotes for service were $300 or less and included the cost of labor. I’m getting this shit taken care of friday over night…so looks like I won’t be going anywhere until Friday morning. I’m going to get some shower board cut right now.


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  1. Oh Candelabra, if only I had your pop culture knowledge. Who the hell are all these people?

    Additionally, I would like a blog that deconstructs Tom Cruise’s descent into madness. When did he become Mr.Psychology-is-a-pseudoscience? Boy #4 and I watched the clip of Cruise denouncing psychology, and I think whatever teenage crush I had on Mr.Cruise faded away. How could he possibly say there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance? That is like saying there is no such thing as grass. Crazy mofo.

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