Janice Dickinson


I try to avoid being catty about other women. its demeaning to the entire sex and simply degrades one’s self worth to put down the women around her based on her looks, wealth, etc. A healthy critique of one’s personal choices is definitely in order especially if she puts herself out there (ie Katie Holmes, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton) —because when you work as hard as me and my friends do, you can’t help but wonder what the hell these women are contributing to man knd. And if htey could articulate it, then I would validate their meaning. A healthy jealousy is okay as long as its acknowledged as such. But none of this applies to Janice Dickinson. She is so loud, and brash, and all she would do on ANTM is be a catty old witch. And her fucking neck….god damn. How happy was I when she took the botox and started to do it to her neck as well as her incredibly frozen face. Oh I bet she wishes she had died like Gia did…at least she would have a biopic in heavy rotation on the unwatchable Oh! network, being played by someone as beautiful as Angelina Jolie. Now all she can hope for is the some second rate actress to play the role of her “first” rate life. Because living in the surreal life house for 12 days drops you down a major notch.


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