Black Love


Wow…the show Being Bobby Brown is putting black folks on blast!!!!! They are seriously ghetto fabulous. This shit was not editted for tv. They are too much. talking about how Bobby had to pull shit out of whitney’s ass. And how fucking ashy his feet are when they go to a spa. And whitney is constantly saying how she’s gonna beat his ass. Its not planted like look, my husband doesn’t beat me. its more like, i’m not the only black woman to ever say this to a black man. They go to visit the Dali Lama, and they’re like “Sir, this is bobby brown, whitney houston’s husband.” HI-FUCKING-LARIOUS. I LOVE IT.

did you hear about Terry McMillan. She wrote to How Stella Got her grove back. Well, the man she married and based that book on, became her husband. And now, they’re getting a divorce. Why you ask? Because he’s gay. That’s right gay. He loved her when they got married but then “discovered” he was gay and now he wants to void the prenup. Not only that, he is getting $2000/month in spousal support and she’s paying his legal fees. Um how is that for a fuck you. “Hi, yeah, stella I’m gay, I’ve been cheating on you, and now I’m leaving you. Pay my bills bitch!” Its like a bad David Chapelle skit. Corey says the title of her new book will be called “How Stella found out about the Down Low.” Men blow. Corey explained the rarity of monogamy and the gay man. Which is just a counterpart to the rarity of monogamy and the straight man. Apparently monogamy comes in shifts…waves if you will. Fine whatever. I’m not settling. My time will come. I haven’t taken myself off the market, its just not the right time.


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