Hey Ladies….(or Tom Cruise is controlling my brain)


Hey Ladies….so after a look at my projected finances and scheduled events (Angel’s birthday in July, Wedding in August, Reception in seattle in October, return home to Seattle in December, and somewhere in that time taking the GRE) How about a trip to vegas around thanksgiving?! I’m putting it out there, find some time in the month of November. Or we can do our annual Thanksgiving dinner at the 4620 Atlantic Ave.

Oh, and props to Amy O for feelin me on the Tom Cruise front. This is how Tom has reached out to control the media.
A) he had a well recorded love breakdown on Oprah that had everyone’s tongue wagging.
B) he then goes on to the Today show and gets into a degrading verbal tif with Matt Lauer.
C) Now his self proclaimed OMNIPOTENT self has that tiff being talked about in two different gossip magazines (US and People….or USPeople) and was the center of Anderson 360, where a Scientologist and a Nuerologist presented their sides of the truth.
D) So Tom infiltrates Access Hollywood to talk about Scientology. Question “What is Scientology?’ Tom “Scientology is……….. (the world shouts What?)…….Amazing!” What the fuck is that? I can tell you exactly what Go Big or Go Home is….why are people so afraid to articulate their beliefs….you know why Tom can’t? Because it sounds ridiculous when you bring up the fucking aliens. Enlighten us Tom….because if didn’t have those Aliens maybe we’d all be a little more willing to jump on it as a supplemental philosophy. I mean really, the power of the mind is amazing and being that we use so little of it maybe they could be on to something….but then you get to the whole Aliens and the whole supernatural thing and you realize that hmmm….yeah, Christ! Buddha! Muhamad! Anyone?! EVERYONE!? HELP!

I put together my classroom today. There was an aide there who helped me put together my binders…and by helped me I mean that she did it while I put up the reading strategies posters. I even stole mags’ idea for a banner and have “Read more, learn more, change the globe” posted at the front of the room. There wasn’t much for me to do but that place needed to be cleaned. Now I’ll spend part of the weekend planning out the first week.


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  1. oooooh…so that is what happened to that hot guy who wanted the truth. He found it. For only 3 million bajillion dollars.

    I LOVE your classroom ideas, particularly that quote from that “I know I can” song. Yay teacher!

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