I am officially old. I was reading through the Real World Recaps on television without pity and had a realization….this shit is just like freshman year. Every season is just like freshman year of college. And I am not quit sickened, but completely like ‘You fucking idiots’ about the whole thing. I only read about one or two of the recaps for every new season to get a feel for who these morons are. The best part of the recaps actually have nothing to do with the show. Its this segment called “the best thing I saw on tv this week.” its great, because its completey random and has nothing to do with the show but everything to do with something i would have probably watched had i knew it was on tv.

I’m supposed to be planning out my first week. we had to drive all the way from long beach to south pas because i left my laptop there and i’m now using the 4620 as an office in mags’ absence. We’re going to bbq, maybe both days, and Amanda will come down with her great cds.

I was on AIM talking to this guy i know about life and blah. Its amazing the difference between 22 and 24 can be. I was telling him about the things that I am keeping in mind becuase they’re coming up in the next four to five months in sucession and have nothing to do with work so I consider them mildly relaxing. He considered them stressful. I was trying to explain about having a bigger picture, a plan…which I feel he didn’t quite comprehend because I don’t think he has any plans. how do you not have a plan? even if that plan is to make it to vegas each and every month, one should have some idea about what is going on in their lives. His only plan is typical to that of a 22 year old male: getting laid. I editted an ad he posted this week, that he predicted would have no sucess. Well when you go into things with that attitude you’re kinda putting out there a self fulfilling prophecy. I intuit that he doesn’t really want any responses in the first place. I don’t want to accredit his attitude to his age or lack of education but there are little things that I feel are actually just that. He doesn’t quite express grasping the reality that the woman he’ll find on line, the woman that he wants a psuedo relationship of no strings attached sex with a quality female who may be his wife someday, are maybe biased against him because of his age because 22 year old men should be in college. They have a whole field of women to pick from because they have congregated in one area and are ripe for the picking. He claims to be more mature and more assure of himself sexually and politically, and wants a woman who is the same…i’m sure that’s all fine but you aren’t in the position to be able to be attractive to older women based on your stats. What akes this more difficult is that he’s apart of a middle class white male. so it is assumed that college is exactly where his peer group is. And exactly where he is not. Not that college is for everyone, becuase it surely isn’t. But those who have not chosen that path are making a reality and a life out of it and have the age upon them to make it work for them. I sound really agist and elitist, but its not that…its that this person has been hit with oppurtunities that keep alluding him becuase of his age and experience…so do something about it.
Oh the reason I went on this tangent is becuase I was telling him how i was “so over that shit.” Shit being the operative word for the work one must do to get to the point of having good sex with someone. I just don’t have time for it…and we were blah blah blahing about it, and he aks me ‘so do you wanna come over and fuck” something to that degree. I know he’s joking, but boys are like that so he could be serious…and so I say “Not really.” Because I don’t. He laughs, types “Are you sure? I propose quickly” What does that mean. My response, “No thanks.” Because I seriously don’t think so. It won’t be worth the energy, the gas, or the conversation. Maybe if he was barbecuing it would be worth it. Its amazing the things I will do for an awesome burger. Speaking of which, Amy what are you doing for the 4th?


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  1. ay, there’s the rub. boys and their sex. What is the deal with that? I like sex too. I want to have sex with boys. But I cannot have sex without emotional attachment anymore — like you said, it is not worth the effort.

    candycane, i have no plans for the 4th, except hanging out with grandma. perhaps I can stop by afterwards? text me some details. 😉

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