the anatomy of sex


so you know how along with the loss of hunger, i was a little concerned about a possible loss of a sex drive? well I’m glad to say that its not gone! Yea for me! Not that I’m having sex or anything. Stop laughing. I’m watching a discovery channel show called the Anatomy of Sex. Its going over everything that happens in the brain during love and sex. Did you know that the clitoris, the only organ made only for sex, has 8000 nerve endings in it. That is twice the amount of the nerve endings in the head of the penis. I think I am going to go insane now. Ahhhh..damn it feels good to be back. Now i feel like I should delete one of these entries so i don’t seem like such a loser.

oh jesus. they’re talking about orgasms and kinsey. breathe. i gotta go.


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