Ask not what your country can do for you…


Yeah, some girl said that line in response to winning room raiders. Jebus, I hate the younger portion of my peer group. Anyway…

The invitation to Erik’s wedding came in the mail today. Wow. Its beautiful. Classic. Green. I’m excited for them. I have the option of gong to Michigan to actually see the ceremony, but instead I’ll go to the reception in Seattle in October. This is the plan…The reception is on October 22nd…The Saturday after the last day of C-Track. I am going to do everything possible to be able to drive up on the Wednesday before. I’ll have all my grades in, my class packed up and my room and be completely checked out. I’m sure there will be some asinine meeting that Friday but I’ll take the hit. Whatevs. Wait, I’ll actually begin the drive up after LMU that Thursday night. Then I am going to take off the next two weeks from LMU. Those will be the only two days that I miss. I’m pretty sure no one will mind and that is the maximum amount of days you can miss. So I’ll be driving up after LMU on a Thursday night, staying through two Thursday which is roughly two weeks and drive back Tuesday to get here by Wednesday. Or, I’ll fly in and a rent a car.

I hate going home. It is as close as I will ever get to being homeless. There is actually no place for me to stay. My parents don’t have the room, and my sister won’t put me up. There is no car for me to drive…My parents refuse to let me use their car. We have a very strict “Independence policy” in my family: If you want it, you have to find out a way to get it for yourself without any help. From the age of five I knew that if I wanted to a car I’d have to buy it myself, if I wanted to learn to drive I would have to do it myself and without using my parents car. So, I didn’t learn how to drive until I was 21 because I couldn’t afford to pay for driver’s ed in high school. I had to learn to drive through Sears, and my mother wouldn’t allow me to use her car to practice driving between lessons so it was nearly impossible to learn. I had to take my driver’s test three times. And my mother only relented to allowing me to use her car to practice was because the woman at the DMV insisted that if I were going to take that test again I better actually practice in the car I was planning to use. My mother was infuriated and couldn’t see how her not letting me practice in her car or practice at all directly correlated with me not being able to actually drive. What, am I supposed to pick that shit up by osmosis. I swear. There is no way I will be able to borrow her car. And being reduced to have to ride the bus from the suburbs to the city is insane and an inefficient use of time. I am too old for that bullshit. It will be great to finally feel like an adult driving around my city for once. Next time I’ll work on getting the apartment in Belltown. I kinda want to see Sky High…its like X-Men for teens.

First day of school was exactly as I expected: blah. Everyone kept asking if I was excited or nervous. Why? Its not like they have margaritas on the first day. Hell yea I’d be excited. Its anticlimactic until the ball gets rolling then its exciting. Having to whoop their asses into shape is actually taking less and less time as the years go by because the only students not used to the game are the a) freshman, and b) those fuckers who only attend class sporadically. Even those kids are pretty good so far. The counselor’s fucked up my schedules and programming but at least I’m teaching English. So I can say without a doubt that everything got off on the right hitch.

Except for the kidney pain. This weekend I started to feel a sharp pain in myside while watching movies with cores, and last night it just intensified until it hurts so much I wanted to vomit. I’m seeing the doctor on Thursday.


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