Civil Unions


Why don’t people just mind their own business and allow homosexuals to bond in civil unions? Mind your own fucking business, its none of your concern. I am in favor in a return marrying for financial gain or stability. Granted, my ideal partner is simply someone who knows me well enough to love me unconditionally. I would seriously live a shell of a very fulfilled life if I was loved unconditionally. It wouldn’t even fucking matter…nothing at all would even fucking matter, just uncondtional love.

And this is seriously the reason why I need to just go to bed when I come home instead of watching tv: Jennie Mc Carthy is trying her hand at stripping and is doing the robot. No, that’s not what I was going to write. This is why I should go to bed:

Pruno is an alcoholic beverage made from oranges, fruit cocktail, ketchup, sugar, and possibly other ingredients. It originated in (and remains largely confined to) prisons, where it can be produced cheaply, easily, and discreetly. The concoction can be made using only a plastic bag, hot running water, and a towel to conceal the pulp during fermentation. The end result has been colourfully described as a “vomit-flavoured wine-cooler”, although it could be argued that flavor is not the main objective–(Care of Wikipedia…where they’ll define anything) Only at 2 in the morning will one find an MSNBC special on the inside of Fulsom Prison…where the inmates are apparently making Pruno. Note how it is vomit flavored. Yum!


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