Just a note…


1). um so on the next episode of the surreal life, the has beens are going bowling…and competing against a group called the Sunshine Strikers. Yeah, um, I think the Strikers have developmental disabilities ( I mean this is from what I could see in the commercial). Let it be said that if Janice Dickonson is yelling at one of the Strikers, and they are developmentally disabled, I will fire bomb her house. You heard it here first, folks.

2.) So Brad has been hospitalized after his return trip to Ethiopia. Its been surmised that it is the flu. If he got something while he was in Ethiopia I will leave it in the hands of president Bush to fucking fire bomb Ethiopia in the name of Jenna and What ever her name is bush, and myself. Umph.

3.) Has anyone noticed in Million Dollar baby when Hilary Swank is in the ring she looks a little like Matt Damon. She will always look part boy to me. Sorry. I think she’s pretty still, but I’m just sayin.

4.) I just heard someone refer to David Bowie (“who has this pale english boy white thing “) as the milk in Iman’s (who has this “beautiful burnt deep skin”) coffee. Now, That’s funny

5.) note on Tara Reid and her partying… “She was nude in front of a bunch of cameras, and didn’t even notice.” Ha! Whore. I mean…..um, um, um, put a bra on.

And that’s your pop culture bit. Thanks.


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