I’m sorry another note…


So remember a while back when I said that I try not to be catty about other women unless they are Britney Spears or willingly put themselves in the spot light to be critiqued and blehed on…. well:

July 12, 2005 Britney Causes a Commotion!
It might have been
JOHNNY DEPP‘s big night, but BRITNEY SPEARS stole the thunder right out from under the goateed hunk when the very pregnant pop star showed up at Sunday night’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ premiere in Hollywood!

Wearing a belly-hugging T-shirt emblazoned with the tagline “I have the golden ticket” with an arrow pointing towards her baby hatch, the 23-year-old mom-to-be turned quite a few heads. She and husband KEVIN FEDERLINE strolled the chocolate-colored carpet with her li’l sis JAMIE LYNN in tow.

BRITNEY YOU FAT ASS! I don’t care that as pregnant she still weighs less then me… BLEH! This is me watching my feminismm fade into the sunset as I mock a fucking pregnant woman—starlet no less— who admittedly has just let her self go…as I fucking head off to the gym to feed my own pyschological obsession/illness. BLEH!

And, to update you, I have confirmation that, yes, the Sunshine Strikers are a group of developmentally disabled bowlers. Now I just need to see fucking Janice stepping out of line. Oh…I have the malotav cocktails ready. Whore.

Jesus…Make myself sick why don’t I.


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