School Drop Out


Its second Period. Yes I have a class…did I tell you that my second period only has one student?! Great, huh. Me and this kid just run all kinds of errands. Whateves…anyway, I had an IEP today during second so I placed him in a different class room. It was an exit IEP for the first student who was ever nice to me when I started teaching. He was such a great kid back then, but life and time have caused him to fall off a bit. He got into gangs and drugs, and was arrested last spring in the drug bust that happened on campus. Instead of being OT’d to Roosevelt, as a group we decided that he was simply going to drop out of high school and enter LA trade tech’s deisel mechanics program. This is an excellent decision that he’s been thinking about for a long time. HIs only other option was to go to a school that was no where near his house where he would continue to get in trouble. And being that a) he needed to be enrolled in a school before his court date so that it would look good to the judge and b) he was just going to drop out of that other school to go to LA trade tech anyway, we decided to just cut out that middle step of registering at the other high school and dropping out from there so that he could just drop out of Franklin, get the support he needs from us to do get registered at LA trade tech and start the program there in the fall. He’s going into a feild where they will never ask him if he has a highschool diploma, and where he will always have a job. He reads at about a 2nd grade reading level and has just turned 18. He’s determined to complete this program, which is focused on something he is interested in and that will provide him with the means to support himself and his family—and he’ll probably be making more money then me in five years. Plus, he’s also determined to keep working on increasing his reading level, so he’s going to enroll in the basic skills program that they have there. So I can say, with pride, that I am confident in my decision to help move a child towards dropping out and moving towards bigger and better things. I am seriously apart of that closing the achievement gap mission that will never be fulfilled. The kids in my classes will never read at grade level, but a large handful are very close to passing the CAHSEE– which is written at a sixth grade reading level. I’m proud of him.


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