So last night Mags, Kate and I went to see Wedding Crashers. Actually, we crashed the movie because it was sold out so we bought tickets to Cinderella man and saw wedding crashers instead! I’ve always wanted to do that! It was sooooo fucking funny. I gotta find a way to marry Vince Vaughn. hmmmmm….so anyway, after the movie i kinda went on a tirade about how I don’t like Weird Ryan because he tried to tell me once what my problems were and I take great offense to that because I know me better then anyone, and I know what my problem is: the fear.

So at breakfast today I was telling mags about how that drew guy has called me five times trying to get a hold of me…And she told me to just face the fear and give this guy a call. Because really for what we knew there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. So I called him as soon as I got home from Long Beach. Here is the info I’ve garnered from our conversation:

Age: 36
Occupation: kinda IT kinda Real Estate…What?! I know, it makes no sense, but he’s trying to make it as a computer guy while trying to make a career in real estate happen. Okay, I’ll give him that.
Education: his response is, well I wouldn’t call myself educated. He’s got more of an education here and there and from working. Okay.
Nationality: Nigerian…Hence the accent.
Location: Altadena…The black Pasadena.
Why he stopped me: here are his exact words “I actually spotted you twice and thought to myself, Here is a pretty girl with some meat on her bones….” Hmph. There is actually nothing wrong with this. I’m not mad at him…Because that’s just me.
Entertainment/fun: he’s not so much into “friends” anymore because the people around him used to hold him back. While he was focused, they’d be more interested in kickin it, and would “force” him to the club and shit. Yeah, i know peer pressure is hard but get over it. and apparently he has. He also enjoys walking around the rose bowl, which is three miles, once or twice a week, and personally investing in keeping fit. But he said that if he were going to take me out he’d find out what i was into and tailor to that.

We’re going out to coffee on Tuesday at 7pm in Pasadena. Yeah, see its strategically placed so that me and mags can get together later this week and discuss. It should be interesting to see what dating is like when you’re emotionally stable. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM this could be interesting. Its all for the blog.


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