Maybe I’m Amazed…


Will be the first dance song at my wedding.

I’m watching Se7en with Brad Pitt, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Morgan Freeman…and I’m wondering to myself , What is wrong with Brad Pitt that gwen didn’t marry him? Funny because that is exactly how it popped into my head: What is so wrong with that man that she didn’t marry him, not the other way around. I guess subconsciously I’d rather marry Gwenyth then Brad. Weird. Well, not really.

Its too hot to go outside. I’m going to cook dinner then head to a movie where it is nice and cool. Want to join me? MUAH!


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  1. Good point . . .maybe the answer lies in the recent events with him and Ms. Aniston.

    Yes, I want to go . . .what did you see??

    Fantasic Four has Julian McMahon .. . DELISH!

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