Did you catch this….


So remember the R.Kelly drama I transcribed for you guys. Well here are how the comments went:

At 5:02 PM, shali said…
girl, i just want to thank you for the concise version of RKelly’s mini-drama. and yes, he is still gay

At 12:10 AM, 10der said…
LMAO @ the summary, unfortunately it goes all the way to Pt. 7!

At 10:15 PM, Anonymous said…
no the fuck it doesnt only go to pt. 7 it goes to 20. he stated that in his interview…and u need to make a correction in the drama..u stated that he said he was gonna climax….but shes the one that says it…hes the one crampin up.

Note the hostility from the Anonymous commentor. Note the cowardice. Note the fact that they’re sticking up for R. Kelly….who cares. Sadness.


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