Don’t worry


I forgot to tell you the funniest thing that happened to me yesterday. Ms. Wong is a one-on-one TA for one of my students. Well I don’t know, maybe I’ve mentioned this before…but at the end of class she comes up to me and says “Candace, I hope you don’ t mind. I don’t want to get too much in your business..but I don’t want you to worry about getting married. The same thing happened to my daughter. You know, she just worked on her cooking skills and home skills, and things will fall into place. You’ll be okay.” I laughed and said “Thanks Ms Wong!” It really made me giggle. Hard. Do I just give off that vibe? I mean, all of my students know that I can’t cook…its a little joke we have, I only know how to cook quesadillas, they mock. Do I just wreak of desperation? Jesus. This week is just a lot better then last week. My attraction to Bean has subsided to allow me to function like a normal person. Or at least like my old self.


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  1. Well, you better get your ass into into a homemaker’s class. That’s attract boys like a moth to the flame. . .

    I wonder if they have homemaker’s classes here. . . .

  2. I had a slight crush on a coworker last year, and then I had a ..umm.. risque dream about him. I avoided him like the plague for a month. It went away eventually, but it was tough because we had weekly grade level meetings together. Avoidance = return to normalcy

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