i am such a liar. I am the only person who goes to therapy and lies about being in therapy. Not that I lie to other people…i actually lied to my psychiatrist about regularly seeing a therapist. There is a special place in hell for this type of crazy. even though i worked out last night, i’m going again tonight. our first pep rally was today and the girls did amazing. i was thoroughly obnoxious and cheered the loudest for my girls…everyone was looking around like “where the hell did that come from?” we sat on the third floor and watched like always. yes..me and kojo. love it. i am this close to calling in sick on wednesday in order to watch the “blow out” marathon. i won’t…because i can’t watch all of that glamour. i should have gone to beauty school but i like teaching too much…its sad…i’m excited to be staying in tonight (though i was invited to go out) to plan for this week. there is a party tomorrow so that will make up for tonight. i’m a loser i know, but i want to do this right! ahhh


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